Who are we?

Where do I start? Tanya and I have been friends forever, or so it seems.  We met while working at a top five accounting firm in Perth about 20 years ago.  Although did we actually work that much?  It was more like hanging out with your best mates all day rather than actual work but... we always got the job done ;-) mostly.

We have seen it all, romances, break-ups, marriages, step-kids, fertility struggles, biological kids, but most importantly we have been there through every up and every down.  We are each other's greatest supporters - cheerleading from the sidelines of life and hugging when the going gets tough, and boy does it get tough sometimes.

When the opportunity to get into the children's clothing business arose, we jumped at the chance and put our creative and business knowledge together with impressive determination.  We love our kids and we know what we love to see on them, owning a clothing line that is ethical and sustainable with a coastal feel was perfect for us and if it meant more time together then that's the icing on the cake.  We weren't going to let the fact that I live in Perth and Tanya lives in Melbourne stop us!

So who are we really?  Well, I'm Claire and I have two step-daughters whom I raised from when they were five and seven - now they are 19 and 21!  My husband is from New Zealand, and for anyone there, his home is the Mount - one of my favourite places in the world.  We had trouble conceiving naturally and called in the experts and started IVF eight years ago.  We were very lucky and on the second try we were pregnant with our first son and then later down the track we had a frozen embryo transfer and son number two arrived five years later!  

Tanya was lucky enough to meet the love of her life and get pregnant super quick and by the time Tanya and her husband celebrated their first year together, they had their beautiful baby boy, who is baby brother to Tanya's step-son.  There were plenty of bumps in the road for Tanya with a difficult pregnancy but she got there in the end, and landed the best gift of her life, her bubba was absolutely worth it! 

So now we work together again.  We have never owned a business before and we have never worked in retail but we have the biggest passion for our children, the biggest passion for this planet we call home and want to create gender neutral ethical and sustainable clothes for our children to grow, play and live in, by the coast or in the country.  Our pieces are designed to be worn trans-seasonably and to be passed on.  We hope you love what we have done with our clothes and our brand and welcome all feedback.

"A good friend knows all your best stories, but a best friend has lived them with you".  Unknown.  (Just quietly, I think this person was talking about us when they came up with this quote - it's perfect).

P.S. Our boys don't have a choice but to be best buddies for the rest of their lives, we can't wait to see that happen.

P.S. Tanya will kill me for posting this photo because we are in our PJ's, but I absolutely love it - it was taken on my recent trip to Melbourne with my bubba Reuben. He and Zander got along like a house on fire, it was so beautiful to watch xx

Love and light, Claire xxx