It’s time to make a change

What happened?  How did we get here?  It’s embarrassing.  I am so sorry mother earth, we have failed you.  You have tried and tried to message us, earthly messages, and we haven’t listened.  We have acted like teenagers, as though we have all the time in the world to fix our problems, but today is the day.  Today is the only day we can count on, and something needs to change.  For us, for the animals, for the earth we are borrowing and for our children.

Of course mother earth is lashing out, of course she is raising her voice – she hasn’t been heard!  We as mothers know exactly how she is feeling.  She has been ignored just one too many times and enough is enough for her.

I have heard the saying “we don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly”.  I’m calling it – when I first heard this I was relieved, thank goodness!!  I’m off the hook.  Yep, I take my keep cups for me and my whole family to the cafe, I recycle everything possible, taking soft plastics to Woolies, triangle 1 and 2 to Greenbatch bins in Perth, avoid glad wrap and single use plastic everywhere possible.  Own a clothing business which is ethical and sustainable.  I’m doing my bit right! I’m off the hook.

I’m not.  Not. Even. Close.  I agree that if lots of people are doing the best they can then that is better than not but we must do better.  If we are using single use plastic, we need to do better.  The options are everywhere – and if you forget your keep cup for your coffee then you still have options!  You can have your cuppa in the café or sometimes I use my water bottle (which is a glass jar) and that works fine too.  Anyway, these small changes are amazing and supportive but it isn’t enough.  And it isn’t just up to us as individuals – it is up to the corporations to make the changes which filter down to us.  Make the products sustainable!

Take LEGO for example, by 2030, the 60 billion blocks that the company manufactures each year will be replace by hemp.  You will never know the difference.  Amazing.  I love LEGO even more now, but we still have a huge way to go.  Everyone needs to change, from the big guys – to the little guys.  It starts here.  It starts now.

When we go camping, we leave no trace - it’s a rule we all stick to, yet in our own home, we don’t. The rubbish system is efficient at taking our rubbish away, but please don’t let it be out of sight out of mind. Where does it go? We aren’t so efficient at recycling and managing our waste. So waste less, do every little thing you can think of to reduce, reuse and recycle. It all counts.

The one amazing thing to come out of these fires is that it’s shown me the compassion we have, the donations, the comradeship, the love for the animals, the respect for the firefighters.  We are spreading the message far and wide, people are coming together and that is so beautiful to see.

 We at st. Cove have decided not to donate money from the business or from sales – but we have donated personally.  We don’t want to associate promotion with these fires and we don’t want to capitalise in any way on this pure devastation.


With love, Claire x


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